It’s Better By The Water Chairs

In May 2015 Downtown Summerside Inc. began the It’s Better By the Water campaign.  First by tagging all marketing tools (social media post, signage, leave-behinds etc.) with #ItsBetterByTheWater.  Then, in July 2015, Downtown Summerside Inc. launched the Adirondack chair program.

The program’s goal is to inspire visitors and tourists to stay and play longer in the Summerside area while creating vibrant and captivating waterfront experiences. The It’s Better by the Water program will help expand memorable moments and experiences that meet and go beyond any visitor’s expectations.  It will increase foot traffic to the area by providing the chance to sit and experience the stunning sunset and waterfront views the downtown has to offer.

The core strategy of the It’s Better by the Water project is to enhance and promote activity and pedestrian traffic to the Downtown Summerside Waterfront. The expectation is to optimize existing possibilities; strengthening our strategic goal of further enhancing our magnificent and vibrant Summerside waterfront. 10 Adirondack chairs, footstools, and tables have been placed and anchored around the Downtown Summerside Inc. boundary, with an additional location at Green’s Shore. These locations are accessible and targeted to all community members and visitors of any age