Downtown Keel Row

On May 2014, Summerside City Council approved the Downtown Square project.  The Downtown Square was a project that would revitalize the urban space, and create a public open space in the heart of the Downtown. Recent evidence suggested that areas similar to Summerside’s downtown were successful in attracting people to their downtown core by creating a public space open to pedestrian traffic.  This is a project DSI is very passionate about.

Through a social media contest and a naming committee, the Downtown Square project was named, and “Downtown Keel Row” was created.

July 21 2014 was the opening of Downtown Keel Row.  An open space in the city center on the roadway of Water Street.  People were able to come together as a community, enjoy entertainment and each other.  Activities and entertainment were provided on “The Keel” daily.  Community organizations embraced the space and utilized it for their programs.

In June 2015 the Downtown Keel Row project moved to the under utilized and mostly unknown green space behind the Rotary Public Library running along side the Confederation Trail.  Downtown Keel Row’s new location is a pedestrian through-way that connects the Main Street (Water St.) to the Waterfront. Large planter boxes with the Downtown Keel Row logo are located at both ends of the walkway to increase the visibility of the space and create a higher awareness of this Downtown Gem.