Rami Ayoub

Dino's Pizza Summerside

Rami is the face of Dino’s Pizza, one of Summerside’s great pizza shops. Through the constant work and effort Rami has put in, he has built a very successful pizza shop, which features great foods ranging from your pizza classics to freshly made Mediterranean dishes. Dino’s Pizza caters to some of the city’s biggest events, has free local delivery, and offers nothing but the best service.

Born in Halifax, Rami moved at an early age to Lebanon. He eventually made it back to Canada to complete a chemistry degree from Dalhousie, and then moved on to receive his diploma as a Pharmacy Technician.

In 2007, Rami worked at Dino’s Pizza in Charlottetown, which is owned by his brother. Always a fan of small cities and towns, Rami saw his chance to continue the Dino’s Pizza franchise with his own shop in Summerside. When asked about his decision, Rami said “I’m good at what I do, and I put in the time to make it work. It was a huge risk investing as much as I did, but I am willing to sacrifice a lot to get results.” His goals and visions are too keep expanding, and to get more involved with the community.

“I feel honoured, coming from a different background and feeling so at home when living here”. Rami truly appreciates the beautiful greenery, the spacious sidewalks and the cleanliness of the city. His advice for new businesses coming to the area is to be different and make yourself authentic. Get involved in the community and donate what you can. And remember, Summerside is a “small city, with big opportunities”.