Downtown Business Awareness Cards

In 2015 Downtown Summerside Inc. launched a new program to promote and increase awareness of what the area has to offer to both visitors and locals.

This program instantly creates ambassadors for the community with a pocket sized card boasting a go-to guide on everything Downtown Summerside has to offer.
The card lists shops, essential services, food & beverage locations and culture & education opportunities.  The card also provides all of Downtown Summerside social media platforms and website address where more information on what the downtown has to offer can be found.
By researching our Downtown Community, through surveys and questionnaires, DSI has discovered that many individuals who have worked in the area for several years are unaware of what the area can offer them and their own customers.  This research made it clear we need to increase and better share our knowledge of the area to in turn educate friends and visitors.  With this program we can offer great answers to the ‘what is there to do here’ question?