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Canadian Coast GuardRandy Holland902 888 4017Website
Career Bridges250 Water St.careerbridges_s@eastlink.ca902 436 5739Website
Celtic Mist209 Water St.Kathryn Dewaldcelticmist@eastlink.ca902 436 9677Website
Child and Family Services290 Water St.Catherine Faye902 888 8100Website
China Star265 Water St.Lily Fengkitty663_Lily@hotmail.com902 888 3228Website
CIBC245 Water St.Les MacLean902 436 2255Website
Circle K Irving96 Water St.Ivy Griffin902 436 2308Website
City of Summerside275 Fitzroy St.902 432 1203Website
City Tailor Shop251 Water St.Arlene DesRoches902 436 7151
Community and Correctional Services109 Water St.John Picketts902 432 2847Website
Computer Essentials Sales and ServicesSummer St.902 724 3726Website
Consolidated Credit Union302 Water St.Shane MacKinnonsmackinnon@consolidated.creditu.net902 436 9218Website
Courtesy Cab15 Spring St.Lynn Perry902 436 4232
Cox & Palmer250 Water St.summerside@coxandpalmer.com902 888 1033Website
Credential Financial Strategies305 Water St.Rod W. MacInnis902 888 5530Website
Criminal and Family Legal Aid120 Heather Moyse 888 8066Website
Crown Attorneys Office243 Heather Moyse Dr.902 888-8213