Bench Diary Project

On a hot Summer day in June 2013 in Atlanta, GA Dessa Lohrey started Bench Diary.  “I’m always curious about what people are thinking about when I pass them on the sidewalk or on a bench. Bench Diary is an experiment seeking to collect these thoughts and to find out what people are willing to share anonymously when they happen upon a diary tied to a bench.” Bench Diary has grown into a global storytelling project, with entries from 22 cities, 8 countries and 4 continents.

In June 2015 Downtown Summerside Inc. decided to join the project.  Selecting various locations around the Downtown, Bench Diaries are left for the day tied with string to a bench to be enjoyed and written in by complete strangers. ~Locals, visitors, children & seniors.

Visit to read some of the Downtown Summerside entries.