Downtown Summerside Inc. is a non-profit group of local business owners, landlords, tenants and stakeholders formed  to promote, develop and enhance Summerside’s vital, safe and historic downtown core.

In the early 2000s, Downtown Summerside Inc. awarded a master plan study to a consortium of consulting firms with expertise in downtown revitalization.

The consultants worked with a steering committee to formulate a design manual. The goal was to improve the commercial side of the business improvement area by:

  • Creating a visually positive identity
  • Improving vehicular and pedestrian usage
  • Developing easier access to the area for both businesses and consumers

The primary emphasis of the study was to build upon the “Summerside Downtown Revitalization Position Paper” presented in 2000 by the city’s economic development department. Preliminary designs of the proposed streetscapes were prepared to illustrate potential improvements such as:

  • Signage
  • Landscaping
  • Sidewalks
  • Lighting
  • Parking access
  • Building facades

The consultant team was headed by Daniel K. Glenn Ltd. (Fredericton) in association with Ekistics Planning & Design (Halifax), Morello Associates (Charlottetown), Form-Media Ltd. (Halifax) and Coles Associates (Charlottetown).


First established as a town in 1877 and then incorporated as a city in 1955, Summerside is home to many beautiful heritage buildings and a close-knit community of dedicated, locally-supportive residents. The downtown core hosts both old and new establishments, countless friendly faces and picturesque ocean views from its location on the Northumberland Strait.

Downtown Summerside Inc. wants to continue developing the heart of its city so the area can continue to grow and thrive. This little gem of a city centre is much more than just a quiet and quaint place to wander and explore. The residential and commercial affordability of the area is second to none, offering great potential for both locals and newcomers alike to live, work and play in Prince Edward Island’s vibrant, second-largest community.


““The Eptek Art & Culture Centre is an interesting place to visit. I was drawn there because of family interest and contribution to the rug-hooking activities and shows. It is a pleasant facility which needs to be made known. There are shows there regularly which are interesting and show how talented and skilled Islanders are. There were high quality handicrafts both times that I visited this year. It is right next to Harbourfront Theatre in Summerside. Knowledgeable staff and lots to see and buy as they have a boutique with work by Island artists on display.”
-patron from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island”

““The coffee at Samuel's Coffee House is wonderful, and the pastries are excellent. They have homemade red velvet whoopie pies, which I loved! They also sell t-shirts, and mugs in their signature colour of orange...and they have free WiFi!”
- patron from Mississauga, Ontario”

““The lobster roll at JMK Fish Mart is amazing! You can get cooked lobster with hot butter and sit outside by the water and eat...yum yum! You can order fresh lobster to take home (cooked or uncooked) and they pack it with frozen veggies so you have no problem getting through security. The owners are really nice, helpful and accommodating. I could eat here all the time….Lobster, muscles, oysters….heaven! The prices are the best in Summerside. You must eat and shop here!”
- patron from Winnipeg, Manitoba”

“"The Prince William Dining Room at the Loyalist Inn is a nice restaurant with lots of windows. Brunch was a great value with many choices including roast beef and roast pork as well as custom omelettes. We will definitely be going back.”
-local patron”

““My husband and brother-in-law convinced me (a 67 year old non-athletic woman) to get on a segway for a 2 hour tour of Summerside by PEI Segway Tours. I was skeptical but gave it a go. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our guide Greg and this trip. The weather was perfect, the scenery sublime and Greg made the entire experience so non-threatening and FUN! You will love this experience!”
-patron from Texas, USA”

Testimonials sourced from TripAdvisor, 2015.